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I am studying design patterns and in particular the Factory and Abstract Factory patterns. I studied Twig by Fabien Potencier and adapted the way he wrote code for the class Twig_Loader_Filesystem for another situation of mine.

Here is how he started the class:

class Twig_Loader_Filesystem
    implements Twig_LoaderInterface, Twig_ExistsLoaderInterface

I was wondering if the way that Fabien did it for Twig_Loader_Filesystem is considered as abstract factory pattern or just a simple abstract design pattern? Because I can tell the use of interface suggests abstract, but I think this is not a factory class.

Perhaps he used a factory method elsewhere? What design pattern is used in here?

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In the actual implementation there might be other patterns involved (Factory too), but what you are writing about here is the Strategy pattern.



Strategy pattern is an example of basic abstraction where interchangable classes implement a common interface and encapsulate different algorithms without the client class having to take care or be aware of them.

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Thank you for your answer. Do you happen to see any factory or abstract factory being used in Twig or Symfony components? –  Kim Stacks Mar 22 '13 at 16:38
For a start you can look for code that says "Factory": github.com/… Not all of them are factories, but there are some factories here, for example: Symfony/Component/Security/Core/Encoder/EncoderFactory.php –  gphilip Mar 25 '13 at 13:53
thank you. i didn't know i can use github search like that. –  Kim Stacks Mar 25 '13 at 15:25

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