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The main problem is that the app starts only after installation or reboot. Second time the application does not run correctly. Details are below.

I have encountered with a few strange problems

1) Libgdx did not detect screen size correctly on Android 4 in
   SCREEN_WIDTH = Gdx.graphics.getWidth();

I got 369*320 instead of 960*540

I do as follows to fight with this problem:

  • I run main Activity class, where I get screen size using Display
  • Then I run AndroidApplication class where I start Admob and Libgdx class.

2) The second problem is that the app starts with no initialized values, that is to say with the same memory. No initialization of values such as boolean abc=false; Looks like invalid exit?

  • In Libgdx class (third class) I set some value exit=true and exit, disposing all textures. Program returns to the second class .

    public void onCreate(android.os.Bundle savedInstanceState) {
      if (Data.exit) finish();

Second class returns to main activity which checks exit in the same manner

3) Next interesting thing is that now Gdx.graphics.getWidth() gets screen size correctly. Mistery...

4) If so, I remade the app. And now main class starts Libgdx class. It works and exits good, but only first time after installation or reboot. Seconds time Libgdx onCreate starts, but render() does not. Looks like invalid exit after first start again: The main class code is here

 public class MyActivity extends AndroidApplication 
      implements IActivityRequestHandler {
  public void onCreate(android.os.Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    context.startService(new Intent(context, BillingService.class));
    // Create the libgdx View
    View gameView = initializeForView(new MyGame(this), false);

    // Create and setup the AdMob view
    adView = new AdView(this, AdSize.BANNER, "aaaaaaa");

public synchronized void onPause() {

public void onStop() {

protected void onDestroy() {

Any ideas? Thanks!!

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If you start your app, then "exit" it, and then start a lot of (say 5 or 6) other apps, then start your app, does it start? (I suspect there is a problem with restarting in the old JVM process, vs. starting a new JVM process, which is usually related to 'static' state in the app.) –  P.T. Mar 17 '13 at 4:04
No, it does not start after starting 5-6 apps. –  nms Mar 17 '13 at 4:15

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You are using statics. They preserve their value when you close the app, and you open it again before Android destroys the process, hence using the same VM. You cannot control when Android will destroy it, so try to initialize these variables in the constructor/create method of their class.

Instead of:

static boolean abc=false;


static boolean abc;

public MyClass/create(){

Or do not use statics unless necessary.

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