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Update - GoDaddy said they don't provide support for custom MX records. I gave up and we just setup an MX record on another domain.

I am hitting a road block in assistance with GoDaddy in setting up an MX record correctly and tired of waiting "24 to 48 hours" for propagation. I am going to describe this question in relation to the GoDaddy interface and use "" instead of our real domain. This may be a more general DNS question or something just peculiar to GoDaddy's interface -- I don't know yet.

We are setting up new bulk email software for a hosted email product we offer. The bulk email sends out from a different server than our company email and we need to have bounce backs for bulk jobs come back to the bulk server. This requires that we have an MX record setup for that bulk email server. This domain/mx record has been setup as a "sub-domain" of our main domain as "".

Below is the current setup at GoDaddy and a description of what we have tried. The problem is in relation to the MX record and Goes To "".

A Records

Host     Points to
@        ###.###.##.154
mail     ###.###.##.150
mail2    ###.###.##.158

MX Records

Priority    Host                Goes To
0           @         

I have tried different variations for the Host value for with no luck. GoDaddy advised me on the phone last week to use "mail2" then their interface says to use "mail2.". These didn't work so I change it about 6 hours ago to be the full domain "" with no success yet. I called them and they said the changes I made were good, which conflicts to their original adivce. Everytime I make changes I wait a day or two to be sure whether they will work so this takes a long time to go by trial and error.

Does anyone know definitively how this should be setup?


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Maybe you should contact GoDaddy for assistance. – Jack B Nimble Sep 30 '08 at 19:38
You are right. I have talked to them multiple times but getting frustrated because it takes days for propagation to find out that their recommendation did not work – Dan Roberts Sep 30 '08 at 20:46
Please modify OP with additional info instead of posting answers. – Brian Rasmussen Jan 11 '09 at 12:46
Done. Thanks for the suggestion Brian – Dan Roberts Jan 20 '09 at 20:48
This question appears to be off topic. – jurgemaister Mar 26 '15 at 8:41

It should be this:

Priority    Host        Goes To
10          mail2

The way you have it currently means mail will be routed to the server if sent to a literal (which you can perform an NSLOOKUP to verify):

Setting a host of "mail2" means mail is being sent to

And setting a host of "@" means mail is sent to
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Thank you kind sir – Bojan Saric Jan 16 '15 at 16:12

The only concern I see above are issues relating to SPF and RDNS, since the server is not yours (sending). to verify your MX is correctly set try this,

open command prompt


$ nslookup
> set type=mx

you should see the MX mail servers listed in the order of preference 5,10...

also, try telnet the A record to the server

$ telnet 25

should give you the emailserver welcome prompt.

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+1 Just for showing the nslookup tool. Very useful, never heard of it before. – Rex Morgan Oct 11 '10 at 13:45
Instead of nslookup you can also try dig. To look directly at godaddy Nameserver and avoid wait on propagation try: "dig NS" -> (shows you a GoDaddy nameserver) then -> "dig @{godaddynameserver} MX" -> will show MX records directly from godaddy NS. look at – bshea Jun 11 '15 at 16:13

you setup may have a lot of undelivered meils due to "reverse DNS", anyway here goes

say your email server is 111.222.333.444, then you create the a record with godaddy as

a 111.222.333.444, then make sure tou can reach this server from the outside as

then add an mx and point to and set priority (5,10...etc).

The problem faced in your situation is, another server (different server than our company email) is trying to send as your domain,, but when RDNS is done, the IP shows as the other company.

What you can do is create SPF record with the IP of your mail server and the other company mail server ip.

As for the DNS propogation, that's up to godaddy. Avoid changing too frequently as they have an algorithim, which is probably moving you down in the queue. I've used their DNS for newsletter application without any trouble.


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