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I am working on a CakePHP application which is part/sub another application that is developed in different technology ( ColdFusion ). Both apps have their own login functionality and they are required. Login functionality in CakePHP is by AUTH and ACL . Now the requirement is that when a user logged in parent app which is developed in ColdFusion user should directly go to protected pages/dashboard without logging in. I want a way to bypass the login functionality provided by Auth.

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I want a way to bypass the login functionality provided by Auth.

You probably don't, you probably want to be able to log the user in automatically, which Auth supports.

You need to have some way for your PHP code to call ColdFusion to authenticate a user based on some shared secret (e.g. the login cookie for the ColdFusion part of the application) and then automatically log the user if they are authenticated.

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Sorry! wrong choice of words. I mean the same. Thanks for the link. – Kiran Ambati Mar 17 '13 at 3:25

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