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I want to build an online information management system, which would have some Chinese input. But, ZF2's validator can't validates Chinese. What should i do to validates Chinese input? To create a custom validator? How to create one? Thank you very much!!!

Detail see here:

There are actually 3 languages which are not accepted in their own script. These languages
are korean, japanese and **chinese** because this languages are using an alphabet where a
single character is build by using multiple characters.

In the case you are using these languages, the input will only be validated by using the
english alphabet.
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There is no such validator for chinese or japanese in ZF2.

What you can do is building your own small validator class. I combined Php check if the string has Chinese chars and How to check if the word is Japanese or English using PHP to build these two small validators by extending the abstract validator for you:

namespace MyApp\Validator;

use Zend\Validator\AbstractValidator;

// forgive the name of this class
class IsNotOrientalLanguage extends AbstractValidator
     * {@inheritDoc}
    public function isValid($value)
        $this->abstractOptions['messages'] = array();

        if (preg_match('/\p{Han}+/u', $value)) {
            $this->abstractOptions['messages'][] = 'Chinese not allowed.';

        if (preg_match('/[\x{4E00}-\x{9FBF}]/u', $value)) {
            $this->abstractOptions['messages'][] = 'Kankji not allowed.';

        if (preg_match('/[\x{3040}-\x{309F}]/u', $value)) {
            $this->abstractOptions['messages'][] = 'Hiragana not allowed.';

        if (preg_match('/[\x{30A0}-\x{30FF}]/u', $value)) {
            $this->abstractOptions['messages'][] = 'Katakana not allowed.';

        return ! $this->abstractOptions['messages'];

You can now use this validator wherever you want:

use Zend\InputFilter\Input;
use MyApp\Validator\IsNotOrientalLanguage;

$input = new Input('blog_post');

$input->getValidatorChain()->attach(new IsNotOrientalLanguage());
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