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I have a simple script that all I need it to do is create a directory with the name of the GET variable. When I run this script, it doesn't seem to create the directory. I would like this directory to be in the same directory as the PHP file.

$dir = $_GET['dir'];
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What you are doing is incredibly dangerous. As it stands right now, I can create directories anywhere on your server that the server has access to. Always make sure when touching the file system that the resolved path (with ../ and what not) is where you expect it to be. Don't let your users define any file names or anything like that. Otherwise, you open yourself up to a security nightmare. –  Brad Mar 17 '13 at 3:45

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Put some error handling in there. Most of the time the error is self evident. The following snippet, lifted from PHP manual, shows you how.

$rs = @mkdir( $dirPath, 0777 ); 
if( $rs ) 

    // success


    // print error information 
    echo 'an error occurred. Attempting create folder'; 
    echo '<br>dirPath: ' . $dirPath; 
    echo '<br>php_errormsg: ' . $php_errormsg; 

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