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For easier maintenance, I would like to use multiple XML files for a screen, especially since I have parts that exclude each other depending on the user action. So parts of the layout have visibility gone or visible. These parts I would like to have in multiple files and then one file where I only reference to them. Is that possible?

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You can use the <include/> element to have sub-xml files:

<LinearLayout ... >
   <include layout="@layout/header" />
   <include layout="@layout/content" />
   <include layout="@layout/footer" />

This will allow you to make use of re-usability.

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you can use < include/> tag to reuse layouts. you can add multiple layout xml in one layout using this tag

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I'm not sure if this is what you want, but you can call the setContentView() method that displays your XML file whenever the user performs an action.

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