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I created a hierarchy of the following structure:

[Contact Key].[Type].[Event Date Key].[Event Name]

I am looking to generate a set of all the [Contact Key]s having products [Type]=FineArt where the latest [Event Date Key] (LASTCHILD?) is [Event Name]=Cancel.

Here's my how I am understanding GENERATE(), but it's not happening for me:

GENERATE ([Subscription Event].[Hierarchy 1].MEMBERS,[Subscription Event].[Hierarchy 1].[Contact Key].&[FineArt].[Event Date Key].LASTCHILD.&[Cancel])

What's being done incorrectly?

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Are the "FineArt" and "Cancel" some strings your would like to compare the [Type] and [Event Name] to? –  daniel_aren Mar 20 '13 at 20:35
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