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I want to have a rule that suggests the possible item combinations in a player's inventory.

Below are some example facts. Item facts contain the recipe for item combinations and the player facts contain the items in the player's inventory.

(player (name x) (inventory "aaa" "bbb" "ccc"))

(item (name xxx) (recipe "aaa" "bbb"))
(item (name yyy) (recipe "aaa" "aaa" "ccc"))

Below is the rule I have written:

; ; Item Combination rule
(defrule item-combination
    (player (name ?n1) (inventory $?i1))
    (item (name ?n2) (recipe $?i2))
    (test (subsetp $?i2 $?i1))
    (assert (can-combine ?n1 ?n2))

The rule works well if there are no duplicate items in the recipe.

For example, for item yyy, we need 2 instances of "aaa", however (subsetp (aaa aaa ccc) (aaa bbb ccc)) will return true. However, I require that there contain 2 instances of "aaa" in the player's inventory.

I wonder if there is a function to check subset that involves duplicate values.

EDIT: I have written my own function

(deffunction subsetdp (?sub ?set) 
    (if (eq 0 (length$ ?sub)) 
        then (return TRUE))
    (bind ?x (member$ (nth$ 1 ?sub) ?set))
    (if ?x 
        then (return (subsetdp (rest$ ?sub) (delete$ ?set ?x ?x))))
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You'll need to write your own function as you have done if you want to check for duplicates.

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