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I want guidance on how to port the opensource openSMILE http://opensmile.sourceforge.net/ library which is in C++ to Android. Specifically how should I use SWIG to create the caller code in JAVA and how should I use the Android-NDK to create the JNI in my android app? I have absolutely no experience with Android programming so I am not sure of how to start.

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 how to port the opensource openSMILE.?

You can download whole source code of that library and then cross compile it for your platform then install it in android stack or use it in jni

 Specifically how should I use SWIG to create the caller code in JAVA..?

Here you need to write wrapper for each API of that library in jni c then you will have java exported API of that library which you can use in your android application.

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Can the wrappers be directly generated by SWIG? if so how? Or is it necessary to write each wrapper manually? –  rk7 Mar 17 '13 at 6:51
i dont think you can generate wrappers automatically you need to write each wrapper manually. For that you need to studu JNI in depth –  Mr.32 Mar 17 '13 at 11:42

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