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I'm using PlayFramework 1.2.5 and am working on a FunctionalTest shown below

public class CaseFoldersControllerTests extends FunctionalTest {

  public void setup() {

  public void teardown() {


  public void createAction() {
    Request request = newRequest();
    request.path = "/case/create";
    request.body = new ByteArrayInputStream(json.getBytes());
    Response response = makeRequest(request);

    //Verify response is OK
    assertStatus(200, response);

The data in data.yml is NOT available during the execution of my test (createAction). However, the data is in the database after my test completes.

If I move the data loading statements from the @Before method to the @After method...then the test succeeds (since the data is now cleaned up & reset from the prior test).

I'm assuming this is JPA session related, but adding the following after Fixtures.loadModels() didn't help:


Also, what's interesting is that the @Before method was copied from my Unit test where it works fine. It's only with the FunctionalTest that I'm having problems.


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First of all we need to be sure your setUp is really being called, so I would suggest using a Logger inside your method to know that. If it is really being called then I suggest you test your yml without using that Request, maybe by making a findAll() of the models you are trying to insert with your yml. This way we can be sure that what is messing up the code is not your request.

** this has happened to me before..... my @Before was not running because I imported play.MVC.Before, you must import org.junit.Before

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