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I am trying to scrap information with PHP that has their data like so:

<br>1998 - <a href="">A Night at the Roxburry<a/>

I need to get the year that is between the <br> and the <a> tag. I have gotten the title of the movie by using PHP Simple DOM HTML parser. This was the code that I used to parse the title

foreach($dom->getElementsByTagName('a') as $link){
    $title = $link->getAttribute('href');

I tried using:

$string = '<br>1998 - <a href="">A Night at the Roxburry<a/>';
$year = preg_match_all('/<br>(.*)<a>', $string);

But it's not finding the year that is in between the <br> and the <a> tag. Does anyone know what I could possibly do to find the year?

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The expression you are using: $year = preg_match_all('/<br>(.*)<a>', $string); will find text between <br> and <a>, but in your example you do not have <a> anywhere. Try looking for text between <br> and <a like this:

$year = preg_match_all ('/<br>([^<]*)<a/', $string);

note, that I also changed . to [^<] to make sure it will stop at the next tag, otherwith it will match strings like this:

<br>foo<br><br>1998 - <a href="">A Night at the Roxburry<a

because they start with <br> and end with <a, but this is probably not what you need, any your year will be like this:

foo<br><br>1998 - <a href="">A Night at the Roxburry
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Try this:

$subject = '<br>1998 - <a href="">A Night at the Roxburry<a/>';
$pattern = '/<br>[0-9]{4}/';
preg_match($pattern, $subject, $matches, PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE);

Note that you can change pattern if year is shown in some other formats. If you want to see everything between two tags you can use $pattern = '/<br>.*<a/'; or any other appropriate for you.

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