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So, we are linking a sensor to a computer via USB, using a female USB connector and male USB wires. The sensor is connected to a circuit with 3 pins, vcc, ground, output signal. If I would want the signal to be processed by the computer to output " I sense someone" when ever the sensor fires, what would I need to do? basic questions to answer are:

-How would the computer understand the signal from the usb? Using a device driver? or something else(please specify)

-I read that the usb can burnout if you are careless about the energy you input on it, so what is this healthy energy( Vcc , Amps) range? ( and how do I achieve this?)

p.s my professor told me that the device driver is only used for driving a certain device..... idk if he is right or not :\ this totally combats my knowledge about device drivers, I know that everything you insert to a computer that has an input to be understand needs a device driver( ei, mouse, keyboard) it's hard for me to believe that the computer controls the mouse since, it can't because that is senseless(because the standard mouse is only for input :)

-Thanks in advance :D

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might be better to ask on electronics.stackexchange.com if most people here are like me they always burn themselves on a soldering iron. –  Preet Sangha Mar 17 '13 at 7:08
I will check that out, thanks :) –  Ralph Jared Teng Mar 17 '13 at 7:54
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I don't believe you can just hook up a sensor to usb lines, and expect to be able to read from it unless the sensor has built-in usb circuitry.

I recommend you buy a usb prototyping board to hook up between your sensor and usb port. Such boards are easily available and come with drivers and SDK. Depending on the board, you'll be able to detect/track digital and/or analog input, and supply output if desired.

A different approach would be to modify existing usb hardware (like a keyboard or mouse), and hook up the sensor with keys or mouse buttons in some fashion.

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Thanks Jo, those are some great suggestions –  Ralph Jared Teng Mar 18 '13 at 2:37
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