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I need to send sections of a matrix from the root process to all other processes so they can run calculations on it. I then need to receive the calculations and aggregate them in the root process. I would use Scatter, but the Matrices can only exist in the root process (homework stipulation).

I know that MPI_Sendrecv_replace or MPI_Sendrecv will be helpful functions. However, I need to send a section of the matrix to the other processes, have them compute, and then return. How am I to use the Sendrecv functions if I need computation to happen in between the sending and receiving. I am having trouble conceptualizing this.

For example:

Process 0 sends to Process 1,2,3
Process 1,2,3 compute sections of matrix
Process 0 receives all of the computations

How can this happen if the sendrecv function is all in one?

Furthermore, I think using separate send and receive operations will most certainly cause deadlock (unless I painstakingly manage the calls) since I am going to be doing this on an nxn matrix and it could be large.

How can I use the Sendrecv functions? Thanks in advance!

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MPI_Sendrecv does not mean that you send something back and forth. MPI_Sendrecv rather executes a send command at processor A and a receive command at processor B. (If you want to send something from A to B)

You need 1 Sendrecv for:

Process 0 sends to Process 1

Then you do the computation and another Sendrecv for:

Process 0 receives from 1
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