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I'm trying to render a google map from data I have in a LocationCollection. Users will define filterParameters in a Model, here is the JSON from a filter

var filter = {
    "distmin":10, // meters
    "distmax":150 // meters

I need to query my collection, here is a sample of json I have for my location

var location = [
    "name":"Sushi 1",
    "description":"Miam ",
    "name":"Restaurant 1",
    "name":"Chez gigi",

Regarding to my filter parameter, i am looking for

  • a location with a id_ref_type_category equal 2 OR 4
  • a location with an average price around 5 and 15
  • a location within a distance around 10 and 150 (it's in meters) (if user allow geolocation)

I can calculate the distance from my position to the location with this js function from geocoding http://www.geodatasource.com/developers/javascript

I have looked for backbone collection filtering but didn't find a lot, I have looked for json query systems, but couldn't find any stuff.

I takes any suggestions.

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How about applying a underscore filter for all the attributes like in here:


I have relaxed a bit your filter object so that a location makes it through.

Essentially the filter looks like this:

var filtered = loc.filter(function (el) {
    var dist = distance(el.get('latitude'), el.get('longitude'),
                        position.latitude, position.longitude, 'K') / 1000;

    return ((el.get('id') == filter.id_ref_type_category[0]) ||
        (el.get('id') == filter.id_ref_type_category[1])) &&
        el.get('price_avg') >= filter.pricemin &&
        el.get('price_avg') <= filter.pricemax &&
        dist >= filter.distmin &&
        dist <= filter.distmax;
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This is brilliant, thx a lot you saved me a lots of time. I was looking after this plugin : github.com/davidgtonge/backbone_query Your script is perfect, thanks for your help :) Can you tell me where you did find a valid documentation for filter method on backbone model ? – Dimitri Mar 17 '13 at 20:17
Well, Backbone delegates most of its list manipulation functions to Underscore, which is a utility library for processing JavaScript arrays and object. Backbone documentation has links to Underscore methods: backbonejs.org/#Collection-Underscore-Methods . – snedkov Mar 17 '13 at 20:33
I did read underscore filtering documentation but it wasn't very clear enough for me, I'll be glad if they would have some examples onlines. – Dimitri Mar 17 '13 at 20:56

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