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In short, what I need - to precompile programmatically (not CLI) handlebars template to browser-side function and at browser use it with handlebars.runtime.js in this way:

html = template_as_fn(data_object);

Why I need it - I work on YA ComonJS to browser packer tool, clinch and I want to support Handlebars too.

So, I looking for correct way to precompile Handlebars template to function, without eval() and other voodoo magic.

Things like in this answer

var data = { name: "Greg" };
var source = "<p>Howdy, {{ name }}</p>";

eval("var templateFunction = " + Handlebars.precompile(source));
var template = Handlebars.template(templateFunction);

=> "<p>Howdy, Greg</p>"

make me sad.

For example, with Jade I can use file processor in this way

'.jade'   : (data, filename, cb) ->
  content = Jade.compile data, _.assign jade_settings, {filename}
  cb null, "module.exports = #{content}"

Is it possible to do something like Jade with Handlebars?

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Oh, nevermind! I find it.

file processor for Handlebars

'.handlebars', (data, filename, cb) ->
  content = Handlebars.precompile data
  cb null, "module.exports = #{content}"

And in module two-step workaround:

renderData : (data) ->
  template_fn = require './template' # /template.handlebars
  template = Handlebars.template template_fn

  res = template data

So, from now clinch will support Handlebars :)

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