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I have a jquery ui dialog with a form inside. If I call the validate method of the jquery.validate plugin, tabbing inside the form fields strangely submits the form.

If I remove the call to validate, the odd behaviour dissapears, but then I would have to validate by hand.

Any ideas why?

Can't post code right now, but could create a simplification and post it if needed.

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I would check for something that calls the submission in the validate function. –  Adam Kiss Jan 24 '10 at 21:25

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I am not sure what do you mean by tabbing, but I had the same issue with dialog and form validation. First, it was picky about <input type="submit" id="submit-your-enquiry" value="Send"/> Then the submit itself, at the end I had to do the validation by myself and to be honest sounded logical for my usage.

            //$('#enquiry-form #submit-your-enquiry').hide();
        return false; //VERY IMPORTANT

And my send_enquiry_form was just a simple ajax.

Hope it helps.

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