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I am currently writing a C++ program which must be able to show a rotating cube in a terminal. (school assignment). So I start off with a 60*60 array (two-dimensional vector, to be exact) of chars, which I am going to write to the screen. But if I just do this with two for-loops and std::cout I get very ugly output: just the screen under the previous one, endlessly.

So I need something better, I need to do something like what Vim does: it seems to take over the console, and when you are done it dissapears, and you terminal is back. How can I do this?

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This is OS-dependent. Note that the term "console" is generally used in this context only in the Windows world, U**x terminology is "terminal" ("console" has a different meaning there). –  n.m. Mar 17 '13 at 10:04

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You can use a library like ncurses to do this.

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Here's what I did.. I know the question is abstract but I also used this to animate a circle using a vector. It can be iffy and is crude but does work.

For the sake of trouble:

void clearScreen()
    #ifdef _WIN32

It is also portable to *nix. You'd obviously add this to a loop that draws the vector to the screen clearing it and redrawing it each iteration.

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