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I would like to output the result of the following plpgsql function in a concatenated text output.

How shall I go about it? I would like to have something like:

output = output + 'new point';

My function so far:

    descriptions text[];
    i text;
    counter int := 1;
    _r record;
    output text;


    descriptions = string_to_array(description, ',');

    FOREACH i IN ARRAY descriptions


        FOR _r IN EXECUTE 'select point_id as id, name_of_location as name, description as desc
                   from information_on_point_of_interest
                   where description = '''||descriptions[counter]||''''

            output := output + || ',' || || ',' || _r.desc || '|';

        END LOOP;


RETURN output;


output := output + new point does not seem to be supported?

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The concat operator is || and you are using it in there except you suddenly decided to use + once. Why? – Jakub Kania Mar 17 '13 at 10:38
I have tried it but for some reason the output was a row with no values. Could it be there is a limit on the output length? – IT_info Mar 17 '13 at 10:59
The function header is missing (CREATE FUNCTION ... ). Always include the header, it is an integral part of the function. Just because some half-wit middleware truncates it, doesn't make it any less essential. – Erwin Brandstetter Mar 17 '13 at 13:05
@IT_info it's not no value, it's NULL. The thing you posted shouldn't work at all so you should have posted that version. Most people, just like me, only look at the code till they found the first bug. – Jakub Kania Mar 17 '13 at 13:14

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Your function fails, because you don't initialize output. It starts as NULL stays NULL because NULL || anything results in .. NULL.

You should also use concat_ws() to take car of any NULL values in the concatenated columns.

Proper solution

What you are trying to achieve can be done much faster (and correct) with this simple SQL query:

SELECT string_agg(concat_ws(',', point_id, name_of_location, description), '|')
FROM  (SELECT unnest(string_to_array(description_list, ',')) AS description) x
JOIN   information_on_point_of_interest USING (description);

I renamed your list of descriptions to description_list to make it less confusing.
Read about these functions in the manual:

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The concat operator is || which is the SQL standard.

Your problem is that didn't initialize that variable so what you're doing is null || text and the result of concatanating null with anything is null. You have to initialize it like this:

    output text:='';!12/9e854/1

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