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How would you write a recursive function that calculates the average of the elements of an array?

Here's what I have so far:

int media(int numeros[], int i, int n) {
    if (i == n-1) return numeros[i]/n;  
    return numeros[i]/n + media(numeros, i + 1, n); 

But it doesn't work, and I think it's because of the line: if (i == n-1) return numeros[i]/n;

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The average of a 1 item array is just the value of the item. Your formula for combining the average of the remaining value with the current item is wrong too – Frederick Cheung Mar 17 '13 at 10:33
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How about this:

double media(int numeros[], int i, int n) {
    if (i == n - 1) {
        return numeros[i];

    if (i == 0)
        return ((numeros[i] + media(numeros, i + 1, n)) / n);
        return (numeros[i] + media(numeros, i + 1, n));

What you're doing is dividing by the number of elements each call - doing that will give you the incorrect average. The code above does what you were doing, but as its about to return the result (when i==0) it'll calculate the actual average based on the total of all the elements

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The problem is that if you divide each element, because of rounding (to integer), you'll quite probably get an incorrect answer (integer divide by integer returns integer).

For {1,2,3,4}, we'll divide each element by 4 - 1/4 + 2/4 + 3/4 + 4/4, but each division returns an integer, so all of them are 0 and the result is 0.

So, either make it double: (but it's still better to also divide at the end, because of rounding)

double media(int numeros[], int i, int n){
   if (i == n-1) return 1.0*numeros[i-1]/n;  
   return 1.0*numeros[i]/n + media(numeros, i + 1, n); 

Or divide at the end: (either the way Sean Landsman suggested, or like below)

int media(int numeros[], int i, int n){
   if (i == -1) return media(numeros, 0, n)/n;
   if (i == n-1) return numeros[i-1];
   return numeros[i] + media(numeros, i + 1, n);


int media(array, -1, n);
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