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Im using Supersized jQuery plugin (http://buildinternet.com/project/supersized/) to show my own photos to the visitors. The visitor can purchase every image on the site, so I decided to add a Buy Now button.

I would like to use PayPal for this, and I found an easy solution for that. The problem is with the buy now button, because every image has unique price, so I need to change the price parameter in the anchor's href attribute. How can I do that?

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Welcome to SO, just a heads up but it's best to include any related code you already have and/or include a Fiddle that replicates you're problem.

If you're looking to add some information to a anchor href attribute then you can do something like the below.

The price could be included in a data- attribute on the image.

<img src="your/image/source.jpg" data-price="100" />

You could then include a click handler to the buy now button that retrieves price from the closest image and then adds it to the href attribute.

$('.buynow').on('click', function(){
   //Find closest image
   closestImage = $(this).closest('img');
   //Get the price
   imagePrice = closestImage.data('price');
   //Add the price to the href of the .buynow button
   $(this).attr('href','http://yourpaypalscreen.com/' + imagePrice + '/etc');

Please note this isn't a working solution but an example to get you started.

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Thanks, i used your ideas. I used window.open instead of $(this).attr... –  user1452062 Mar 17 '13 at 19:03

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