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OData for WebAPI is rather ancient and doesn't support a lot of features WCF Data Services do. I can't use WebAPI's OData support at all b/c of those too many limitations.

That makes breezeJS useless. So the question is why is it 100% tied to WebAPI ODATA and is not a separate 'adapter' in the first place?

Most of the worlds' oData services are similar to WCF Data Services and not to WebAPI sub-limited support.

  1. I don't want to carry 125 KB of useless code (WebAPI support that is) in top of the DataJS library when targeting WCF Data Services
  2. I can't even use Breeze if saving through WCF Data Services is not supported!
  3. When we will really have full support for WCF Data Services like you did for WebAPI?
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As for question 2 there is a feature request for that at https://breezejs.uservoice.com/forums/173093-breeze-feature-suggestions/suggestions/3349980-full-odata-crud-support

Please vote if this is important for you too! (I did)

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