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Desc: compareChar returns true or false. if true it sets the value of button, if false do nothing.

I am trying to use: if compareChar(curChar, toChar("0")) ? getButtons().get(i).setText("§");

netbeans is saying: ')' excepted ':' excepted

i tried these combinations:

if compareChar(curChar, toChar("0")) ? getButtons().get(i).setText("§");
if compareChar(curChar, toChar("0")) ? getButtons().get(i).setText("§") : ;
if compareChar(curChar, toChar("0")) ? getButtons().get(i).setText("§") : 

if (compareChar(curChar, toChar("0"))) ? getButtons().get(i).setText("§");
if (compareChar(curChar, toChar("0"))) ? getButtons().get(i).setText("§") : ;
if (compareChar(curChar, toChar("0"))) ? getButtons().get(i).setText("§") : 

Thank you

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The ternary operator ? : is to return a value, don't use it when you want to use if for flow control.

if (compareChar(curChar, toChar("0"))) getButtons().get(i).setText("§");

would work good enough.


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Thank you Guillaume, worked.. –  Erik Kubica Mar 17 '13 at 12:32

(inline if) in java won't work if you are using 'if' statement .. the right syntax is in the following example:

int y = (c == 19) ? 7 : 11 ; 


String y = (s > 120) ? "Slow Down" : "Safe";

as You can see the type of the variable Y is the same as the return value ...

in your case it is better to use the normal if statement not inline if as it is in the pervious answer without "?"

if (compareChar(curChar, toChar("0"))) getButtons().get(i).setText("§");
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Syntax is Shown below:

"your condition"? "step if true":"step if condition fails"
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cond? statementA: statementB

Equals to:

if (cond)

For your case, you may just delete all "if". If you totally use if-else instead of ?:. Don't mix them together.

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