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I want to create C++ classes from XML schema (XSD) and then create objects from an XML file.

I used XSD from codesynthesis and made classes for my schemas, and it generated a few cxx and hxx files. I created a new project in dev then added to project those files. I then added in the project options to include directories and library directories to my xerces.

When I try to compile program (which has only include lines for my hxx files), I get this linker error:

[Linker error] abc.o:abc.cxx:


undefined reference to


Then line:

bad reloc address 0x27

in section


I really don't have a clue as to what to do with those... Is there someone, who can help me with this?

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How does the build and link commands look like? Maybe you forgot to link xerces? Try adding "-lxerces-c" to the link command. –  Erik Sjölund Mar 19 '13 at 15:19

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Some code that you need to add to your project for that generated code to work is not added. Seems that the code that implements PlatformUtils and similar. Always read and follow the tutorials if you are not able to deal with errors on your own.

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