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PDFSharp supports automatic text wrapping when drawing long text portions:

textFormatter.DrawString(text, font, XBrushes.Black, new XRect(x, y, textAreaWidth, 1000), XStringFormats.TopLeft);

This will wrap the text if it is longer than textAreaWidth.

How can I get the height of the text that has just been drawn?

I tried it with gfx.MeasureString(), but there is no overload that supports specifying a maximal width. gfx.MeasureString() returns the size of the text without text wrapping.

Thanks for any hints.

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If a single page is not enough and you may need more pages, then better switch to MigraDoc directly. If you are sure a single page will be enough for all times, just add an out parameter to XTextFormatter.DrawString that returns the height of the text that was just drawn. – PDFsharp Team Mar 19 '13 at 9:33

The XTextFormatter class (source code included with PDFsharp) is meant to get you started. Modify it if it doesn't suit your needs.

Since XTextFormatter keeps the Y position internally, it would be a rather simple change to return the height of the text that was just drawn.

Instead of modifying XTextFormatter, consider using MigraDoc Foundation (also included) instead.

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