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I just saw this matrix on HN in less than 600 bytes

Here's the full source:

<body style=margin:0 onload="for(s=window.screen,w=q.width=s.width,
    <canvas id=q>

My question is how does an assignment for a variable start with a number: setInterval('9Style=\'rgba(0,0,0,.05...) I thought js variables can't start with a number. Shouldn't this be an invalid lhs (left hand side) assignment?

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You're right, identifiers cannot start with a number. If you look closer, the 9 is replaced by ;q.getContext('2d').fill.

The loop decomposed in setting variables and creating an array p containing 256 1s:

s = window.screen,
w = q.width = s.width,
h = q.height = s.height,
m = Math.random,
p = [];
for (i = 0; i < 256; p[i++] = 1);


, 33)

This becomes:

setInterval(";q.getContext('2d').fillStyle='rgba(0,0,0,.05)';q.getContext('2d').fillRect(0,0,w,h);q.getContext('2d').fillStyle='#0F0';,i){;q.getContext('2d').fillText(String.fromCharCode(3e4+m()*33),i*10,v);p[i]=v>758+m()*1e4?0:v+10})", 33);

Putting this code in gives:

q.getContext('2d').fillStyle = 'rgba(0,0,0,.05)';
q.getContext('2d').fillRect(0, 0, w, h);
q.getContext('2d').fillStyle = '#0F0'; (v, i) {;
    q.getContext('2d').fillText(String.fromCharCode(3e4 + m() * 33), i * 10, v);
    p[i] = v > 758 + m() * 1e4 ? 0 : v + 10
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It does not start with a number. It's only a string, that is split:

'9Style ....'.split(9).join(...

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