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I am struggling badly to set my application as the default. It's running on a private jvm hosted by a hosting company I've tried renaming it to ROOT and it becomes accessible by mydomain/index.html. So now I need to make it accessible without the index.html.

The mots important thing to note is that this app is not deployed in tomcat/webapps/. It is deployed in tomcat/domain/mydomain/. That is the way my host has it set up and maps the directories to their given domains in the conf/server.xml file.

I've tried several approaches and no luck, also the hosts support has give me the run around since Monday, at one point breaking my application.

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Take a look at the <welcome-file-list> tag which can be used in your web.xml. A good explanation of this can be found here: http://wiki.metawerx.net/wiki/Web.xml.WelcomeFileList

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you need to add ROOT.xml file in conf/Catalina/localhost directory to Set root application of domain.Please refer to this link for more info. Tomcat 6: How to change the ROOT application

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