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I have time data in the form of:[ (from , to) , (.. , ..) , ..]

[('16:35', '16:10'), ('18:45', '18:15'), ('19:14', '12:15'), ('10:36', '00:10'), ('21:08', '13:40'), ('22:20', '06:10'), ('03:20', '16:40'), ('23:56', '12:10'), ('00:16', '21:30'),

I need to perform operation like if time range falls within the range > 23:00 & time < 01:15` then I need to flag it. Like, in the case of (21:00, 23:33), it should flag. And, in the case of (02:00, 06:00), it shouldn't flag. Midnight scenario should also be taken care of.

Any tips?

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What have you tried? –  John Zwinck Mar 17 '13 at 13:49

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I would write a function to check if a given tuple is within your range and then use a list comprehension such as

flagged = [x for x in myList if inMyRange(x)]

To get a list of all flagged ranges. Or perform an operation on the flagged items in the comprehension itself

operated = [myOperation(x) for x in myList if inMyRange(x)]

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