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I have a rather large code base in visual basic 6. The database server is sql server 2000. For reports we are using Crystal Reports 8.5. I have been successful in installing the prerequisites including the visual basic runtime + sp6 components and everything else on windows 8 after a lot of googling. The only difference with installation of visual basic components on windows 8 in the fact that I had to uncheck installation of Data Access->Ado, RDS and Ole Db Providers. Now my crystal reports are not opening from inside my program AND the crystal reports 8.5 report designer. The error I get is "Unable to open SQL Server ". Does anyone have a solution? How do I install the ADO, RDS and OLEDB Providers manually?

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Are you asking about installing the actual Data Access pieces (read: MDAC/WDAC?), or are you asking about all of the DLL's that Crystal uses to talk to the data source (p2*.dll) that live in %WINDIR%\Crystal? –  Lynn Crumbling Mar 18 '13 at 15:45

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See here: Installing the OLE DB Provider for SQL Server and the middle of this page, where the ASOLEDB9.msi packages are (32 and 64 bit versions). Those packages will install the sqloledb provider.

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