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I downloaded the dr who neo4j sample database from here

I can traverse/query nodes, relationships, and properties. But the indexes seem to be empty.

For example these cypher queries return no rows.

"START doctor = node:characters(character='Doctor') RETURN doctor"
"START doctor = node:characters('*:*') RETURN doctor"
"START actors = node:actors('*:*') RETURN actors"

How would I build the character index? Is it:

Iterate all nodes
When node contains character property add it to index
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what interface do you use for interacting with the data? is it the console, or shell, or some java rest? – ulkas Mar 20 '13 at 7:26

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I uploaded a fixed dataset, the zip file didn't include the indexes subdirectory.

Those indexes are built manually in java-code of the drwho tutorial.

There is an index command in the shell which is also scriptable but it is not so easy to index the correct nodes.

I would probably either use the javascript integration with eval and create the indexes, iterate all nodes and according to the properties add the node to the appropriate index.


I would use cypher to output the shell commands needed to index the nodes.

Something like

start n=node(*) where has(n.character) return "cd -a "+id(n)+" & index -i characters character ";

You'll have to remove the "I" from the table borders and replace the & with an && though.

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