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I wrote a program to take a screenshoot of a chosen webpage. User types an url and then my application takes a screenshoot of typed page. I wonder is it possible (and how) to hide a browser window? I mean, no to open it but take a screenshoot? thanks in advance :)

I use python 2.7 and splinter for this. Code below:

from splinter import Browser
import socket

url = raw_input('> ')

browser = None    
    browser = Browser('firefox')
        if browser.status_code.is_success():
    except socket.gaierror, e:
        print "URL not found: %s" % url
    if browser is not None:

For Ubuntu, I found this: Selenium-Python Client Library - Automating in Background but how about Windows?

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Works on Linux as per stackoverflow.com/questions/6924387/… –  Techfiz Apr 15 '13 at 9:01

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You have a few options:

  1. Use a "dumb" headless browser, like mechanize. This is fast, and perfect for a quick visit and a screenshot. However, it doesn't understand javascript.

  2. Use the zope.testbrowser browser in your splinter tests. It's a headless browser, so it won't appear on screen. It understands javascript, but will take more investment to get up and going.

  3. Just use urllib2 with some special headers.

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