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There are 2 tables:

id   requester_id   supplyer_id  status
1    423            1           reserved
2    500            1           supplied
3    222            2           reserved

id    username  register_date
1     admin     2012-01-01
2     smith     2013-01-01
423   John      2012-10-11
500   Doe       2012-12-11
222   name      2012-10-13 

I want to join these two tables and get this as a result

id  requester_username   supplier_username  status
1   John                 admin              reserved
2   Doe                  admin              supplied
3   name                 smith              reserved

I can actually join these tables using active records like :

   ->join('users','users.id = orders.requester_id')

but I dont know how to get the supplier username at the same time.

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Try adding a second JOIN:

   ->join('users AS requesters', 'requesters.id = orders.requester_id')
   ->join('users AS suppliers',  'suppliers.id  = orders.supplier_id')
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In MySql Your query should be like -

Select a.id, b.username, c.username, a.status
from orders a, users b, users c
a.requester_id = b.id 
a.supplyer_id = c.id


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