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I'm using mustache to render portion of html. To do this , I'm using this javascript :

   var template = $("#div_name").html();

As the <div id="div_name"></div> still remain inside the html , I use it only to get a template i was wondering : is it convenient to keep templated div html be inside the html or is better to load it e.g. with partials through ajax ? Thanks in advance.

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You can also keep templates inside script elements like so:

   <script type="application/mustache" id="div_name">
       //Mustache template code here

And fetch the template code from there using $("#div_name").html(). It won't be shown on the page and the script tag is not executed because of the invalid type.

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First of all , thank you. I have never seen this kind of solution , but usually I avoid the use of HTML inside javascript because it frequently throws up error , caused by blank spaces. Am I doing wrong? –  steo Mar 17 '13 at 16:51
@steo yes, like I explained, you should specify type like I did. The browser will not execute it as javascript if you specify a type like application/mustache. See here, no errors: jsfiddle.net/nZQ32 –  Esailija Mar 17 '13 at 16:56
what if I have more than one template? I have to create one script for each one? –  steo Mar 18 '13 at 11:52
@steo Yes, that's what you'd have to do with any solution. –  Esailija Mar 18 '13 at 11:54

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