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I want to watch for the nodeValue change of an element that's edited with contenteditable. Basically, I want to run a function on change of the nodevalue.

I found this post: http://james.padolsey.com/javascript/monitoring-dom-properties/

Which seems to have a plugin for what I want.

Here's the watch plugin:

jQuery.fn.watch = function( id, fn ) {

    return this.each(function(){

        var self = this;

        var oldVal = self[id];
                if (self[id] !== oldVal) {
                    fn.call(self, id, oldVal, self[id]);
                    oldVal = self[id];
            }, 100)


    return self;

As an example, I can watch an input's value like this:

  $('#input').watch('value', function(propName, oldVal, newVal){

But not a contenteditable's nodevalue (its text content):

  $('#ce').watch('nodeValue', function(propName, oldVal, newVal){

Here's the live example:


Anyone know how to adapt the watch method to work with nodevalue. Thanks!

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Isn't this simpler?

    .bind('change keyup',
       function() {

As for the input:

    .bind('change keyup',
       function() {
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Thanks for your suggestion. The problem is changed, there is no change event for div elements. This means that copied and pasted text won't be saved. –  Jourkey Oct 11 '09 at 0:29

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