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Does anyone know if there is a service that adds the option to open a URL in the opera mini app from an iOS UIactivity view controller. I have safari and chrome buttons but I am just trying to get the major iOS web browsers

For now I am just trying to open http://www.google.com

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It is my understanding that Opera Mini's URL scheme is ohttp://, so you can just download TUSafariActivity from GitHub, change the images for the activity, and use ohttp://www.google.com/ instead of http://www.google.com/ in the activity's NSURL to open Google's home page in Opera Mini instead of Safari.

Opera Mini's url schemes include:

  1. ohttp://
  2. ohttps://
  3. oftp://
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hey thanks for the answer, can you look at my other question? –  Steve Mar 17 '13 at 18:27
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