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I've been evaluating several cloud compute providers, Amazon EC2 among them. I started an instance with a Windows image, and ever since then it's been "pending", for more than 30 minutes now.

Is this a typical amount of wait for an instance to start? This would be highly undesirable for my purpose. Perhaps I started it incorrectly? I couldn't find any info on what "pending" means on Amazon - does anyone here know?

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Pending means the instance is being created, if it has been like that for 30 minutes something went wrong, typicaly I wait for 3 minutes.

I would just create another instance and when the pending one is over, terminate it.

you would probably waste 12.5 cents tho...

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I've wasted an hour already, so 12.5 cents is not a huge amount of extra waste :) –  romkyns Oct 9 '09 at 23:01

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