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I have an arraylist which has data structures in it.

I am having problems trying to figure out how to get those values back and show them in a table..

Thanks this is my structure..

  public BackupSpecEntry(string Path, string InclExcl, byte InclExclFlags, bool IndexContents,
        int ServerBackupSpecId, int Freq, int Retention)
        path = Path;
        inclExcl = InclExcl;
        inclExclFlags = InclExclFlags;
        indexContents = IndexContents;
        serverBackupSpecId = ServerBackupSpecId;
        freq = Freq;
        retention = Retention;
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It's a rather vague question. Can you show how you're "putting the structures" into the ArrayList in the first place? –  Pavel Minaev Oct 9 '09 at 22:52

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With an ArrayList you need to cast them,

ArrayList list = new ArrayLIst();

: your code

BackupSpecEntry entry = (BackupSpecEntry)list[0];

However, with generics with C# you can create a template list:

List<BackupSpecEntry> list = new List<BackupSpecEntry>();

: your fill list code

BackupSpecEntry entry = list[0];
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An ArrayList isn't strongly typed so whenever you pull out an item, you have to cast it back to your custom object type. Then you should be able to access it's properties.

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could u give me an example... I am not able to follow... Thanks for replying so fast.. –  user175084 Oct 9 '09 at 22:48

I assume by Table and by the Asp.net attribute that you mean a DataGrid, GridView, or DetailsView. Is this correct. Assuming that it is: read up on Data binding and custom objects. There is a lot of information about this subject on the internet if you look for it.

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