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Hi I have the following JavaScript object, how could I serialize it to a string in the JSON data exchange format?

var result = { "id": "358464" ,"t" : "MSFT" ,"e" : "NASDAQ" ,"l" : "28.03" ,"l_cur" : "28.04" ,"s": "0" ,"ltt":"4:00PM EDT" ,"lt" : "Mar 15, 4:00PM EDT" ,"c" : "-0.10" ,"cp" : "-0.36" ,"ccol" : "chr" }

I tried JSON.stringify and JSON.parse and both did not work for me

The problem is that:

For example, result.l returns undefined.

What possible causes might this have? What could I be doing wrong?

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Isn't it JSON already? – Bergi Mar 17 '13 at 18:23
If it's actually a string (a JSON text) then it is JSON. If it's an object, as the snippet in the question implies, then JSON.stringify will work. – Matt Ball Mar 17 '13 at 18:23
This is a trick question, it already is JSON. What exactly is the problem you are having? – Hogan Mar 17 '13 at 18:25
curiously enough, the question states "but this does work.", sounds like our work here is done... =P – David McMullin Mar 17 '13 at 18:27
Did you forget your ;? – Hogan Mar 17 '13 at 18:35
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Yes, it really works:

var str = '{ "id": "358464" ,"t" : "MSFT" ,"e" : "NASDAQ" ,"l" : "28.03" ,"l_cur" : "28.04" ,"s": "0" ,"ltt":"4:00PM EDT" ,"lt" : "Mar 15, 4:00PM EDT" ,"c" : "-0.10" ,"cp" : "-0.36" ,"ccol" : "chr" }';
var jsObj = JSON.parse(str);
var jsonStrAgain = JSON.stringify(jsObj);

And this works as well (having nothing to do with JSON, just being an object literal):

var result = { "id": "358464" ,"t" : "MSFT" ,"e" : "NASDAQ" ,"l" : "28.03" ,"l_cur" : "28.04" ,"s": "0" ,"ltt":"4:00PM EDT" ,"lt" : "Mar 15, 4:00PM EDT" ,"c" : "-0.10" ,"cp" : "-0.36" ,"ccol" : "chr" };
console.log(result.l); // "28.03"
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