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through queries to a Database I am retrieving such data that I previously inserted through HTML textarea or input. When I get the response from my DB , in a JSON object the text field looks like this :

  obj :  {
           text :  [some_text] ↵ [some_text]

I tried to replace with this function :

 string_convert = function(string){
  return string.replace("&#8629",'<br>')

I have to show this string in HTML ,but it does not seems to work. I'm using UTF-8

Any advice?

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What is "↵"? Please show the real JSON. –  loganfsmyth Mar 17 '13 at 18:49
Have you tried string.replace('↵', '<br>')? –  Yogu Mar 17 '13 at 18:50
↵ is the char that it actually shows up. –  steo Mar 17 '13 at 18:58

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The problem you have is that you have enclosed your regex in quotes. This is incorrect.

         ^         ^
       remove these two quotes

The quotes are unnecessary because the regex is already delimited by the slashes.

By putting quotes in there, you've actually told it that you want to replace a fixed string rather than a regular expression. The fixed string may look like an expression, but with the quotes, it will just be seen as a plain string.

Remove the quotes and it will be seen as an expression, and it will work just fine.

One other thing, though -- in order to make your regex work perfectly, I'd also suggest modifying it slightly. As it stands, it will just replace all the \n and \r characters with <br>. But in some cases, they may come together as a \r\n pair. This should be a single line break, but your expression will replace it with two <br>s.

You could use an expression like this instead:


Hope that helps.

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you are missing the ending semicolons ; in your code:

string_convert = function(aString){
  return aString.replace("&#8629;",'<br>').replace('&crarr;','<br>');

this does not necessary solve your problem, but it could likely.

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From: Trying to translate a carriage return into a
html tag in Javascript?

text = text.replace(/(\r\n|\n|\r)/g,"<br />");
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