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i broke up my android project into multiple modules. These modules include pdf viewer, ocr application and XMPP application. Now i have these 3 modules in the form of 3 different applications. How can i integrate these 3 applications so that i be having a single running application. baiscally i want to merge those 3 applications into 1. Ofcourse rewriting code into one project would be difficult. Could anybody suggest me how can i accomplish this?? all the possiblities please. I was thinking to these 3 android projects as library projects and use them as a dependency for 4th project but i dnt know how this actually works!

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Add those 3 projects as Library in your fourth project!

If you dont know how to set a project as library, Set as Libray project ( and Use library project ( can be really helpful for you!

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would my problem be solved. i mean how does this work?? would i be able to call the functions from the library project ?? how?? – Alfred Mar 17 '13 at 20:04

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