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What is the best way to let subviews/child views know when they are already in the DOM?

Consider we have following hierarchy of views:


Here for example MainView is already in the DOM. Then as a part of render process MainView creates SubView which in turns creates ChildView.

As a result ChildView won't be in the DOM until MainView finishes its' rendering. And I need to know (via event or handler) when it is inserted and displayed.

The most straightforward answer is for MainView to trigger some event when it is done rendering. If it were the only case where I needed it - it would be alright. But there are lots of places and in general suddenly subviews dictate their parents what to do, probably not good.

Update: In what cases this is required? When we are using widgets which expect element to be in the DOM (to get height, etc). In example: Accordion widget, jqGrid. So the correct time to init them when their container is already in the DOM.

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I'm not sure what your use case is but I'm assuming its finding a DOM element within the Childview and manipulating it. In this case, it would not matter if its in the DOM or not.

What I typically do is grab the reference to the element - $el

and then find the sub-element

$target = $el.find('.target')

This has the added benefit of only allowing me to grab classes or ids within the ChildView ensuring a proper management of views.

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I've updated my question with the possible use cases. – Ilya Tsuryev Mar 18 '13 at 12:55
So I've actually used the nanoScroller plugin and initialized it using my method since its a Jquery library...seems to work fine for me. This might help for your height / width problem -… – imrane Mar 18 '13 at 17:57
Following your link, accepted answer: "Try getting the height after you attach it". nanoScroller may be a bad example. Changed to Accordion :) – Ilya Tsuryev Mar 19 '13 at 5:37

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