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At the moment I currently have a game that draws the asteroids and the background, score etc and once the ship hits a asteroid it takes the user to the gameover screen and when they hit the play again button I want the game to reset and not start from when it just hit the asteroid.

function playGame() {
score = 0;

this loads everything into the game and clears the images in the menu/gameover screen.

function gameOver() {
ctxGameOver.fillText("Score: " + score, 320, 160);
ctxGameOver.fillText("Highscore: " + highScore, 300, 180);

the game over function which calls when the asteroid is hit.

I have it set that once you hit the play again button it calls the playGame function but I want it to start from the beginning and not where it had just finished.

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For anyone whos after the question, I just emptied the array, for example ArrayName = [];

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