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I think that i'm suffering a bug problem. I created a application on Cloud Foundry with the name "controle*A*lunos" with the upper case letter A.

When i execute the command


i get this result:

| Application    | #  | Health  | URLs                            | Services      |
| controleAlunos | 1  | RUNNING | controlealunos.cloudfoundry.com | mysql-86d568b |

But when i try to update my project whit the command :

prod cf-update controleAlunos controleAlunos-0.1.war

i receive an error

Error Application 'controlealunos' does not exist.

I think that it should be the name of my application. I put it with one Upper Case letter controle*A*lunos and i'm receving the error with no upper case letter controlealunos.

I tried to rename it, but i still get the error.

Any Sugests ?

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I guess the project name you created is "controlealunos" which resulted in the app.name property in application.properties is a lower case name, while the name used to push onto CF is "controleAlunos". You can try change the value in the properties file and update again.

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BINGO !!! It was my mistake !! –  meurer Mar 18 '13 at 13:19

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