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I have created a page whereby a mysql query checks if a patient already exists in the database, if the patient doesn't exist then the following code should add them to the database



        SELECT * FROM patient 
        Patient_First_Name='$firstname' AND Patient_Middle_Name='$middlename' AND Patient_Surname='$surname' AND Patient_National_Insurance_No='$nat' 
        AND Patient_DOB='DOB' AND Patient_Address_Line_1='$add1' AND Patient_Address_Line_2='$add2' AND Patient_Address_Line_3='$add3' AND Patient_Postcode='$postcode'");
        $myrow = mysql_fetch_row($pcheck);
                    {   echo "This Patient already exists.<br><br> Please press the back button on your browser or the backspace button on your keyboard to go back";

                    {   mysql_query("INSERT INTO patient (Patient_First_Name,Patient_Middle_Name,Patient_Surname,Patient_National_Insurance_No,Patient_DOB,Patient_Email,Patient_Address_Line_1,Patient_Address_Line_2,Patient_Address_Line_3,Patient_Postcode,Patient_Phone_No  ) 
                        VALUES('$firstname','$middlename','$surname','$nat','$DOB','$pemail','$add1','$add2','$add3','$postcode','$telephone')") or die (mysql_error());
                        echo "<br>";
                        echo "<p>Success! The Patient has been added to the database

The problem is that even if the patient already exists it keeps on adding a new one... Could someone please advise where I am going wrong?

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i hope this code is no where near my medical records –  Dagon Mar 17 '13 at 20:29

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You are missing a $ when searching for DOB.


Also, please note that your code is vulnerable to SQL injection attacks

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thank you, I can't believe I've spent half a day trying to work out what's wrong with my code!! –  Tim Butterfield Mar 17 '13 at 21:05

Try changing



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