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I implemented some list managment methods to keep the user-data of my Rails app synchronized with the subscriber data of the according MailChimp list.

(EDIT) Under the hood I am already using the mailchimp gem. I am simply abstracting one level higher to represent one specific list.

For now all the logic is in a controller, but I'd rather have a more generic und thus reusable approach (maybe even convert it into a gem someday).

So my first thought is to represent the list as a table-less model, offering the necessary methods to handle it.

class MailChimpList
    def add_subscriber
        # ...
    # ...

... but I am curious which other approaches exist and which would reflect the idea even better?

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You could use the gem gibbon https://github.com/amro/gibbon to interact with mailchimp. You can fetch lists, campaigns, emails subscribed to lists etc.

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I am already using rubygems.org/gems/mailchimp for the implementation. What I am doing, is abstract one level higher and handle one specific list only that is related to the according app. – user569825 Mar 17 '13 at 22:52

For a more general approach to handling API interactions (not just MailChimp), Temboo offers a Ruby SDK that normalizes access to 100s of APIs. For example, adding a MailChimp subscriber looks like this:

listSubscribe = MailChimp::ListSubscribe.new(temboo_session)

listSubscribeInputs = listSubscribeChoreo.new_input_set()



listSubscribeResults = listSubscribe.execute(listSubscribeInputs)

Check it out if you think you'll be re-using MailChimp for other projects, or trying to integrate other APIs in a similar fashion.

You can find MailChimp methods & docs, customizable code snippets, and live examples here: https://www.temboo.com/library/Library/MailChimp/

(Full disclosure: I work for Temboo. :)

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