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In this question was solved problem for reverse LIKE operation in SQL, for example if field name is "Peter Johnson", we could find it by such query:

select name from user where "Mr. Peter Johnson" like CONCAT('%', name, '%')

Is there any way to do such thing in Django Q object (I'm building a big query, so using raw SQL query will not be rational)?

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Yes you need negated Django ~Q object here with icontains, for example:

qs = MyModel.objects.filter(~Q(name__icontains="Aamir"))

where icontains is for Case-insensitive containment test you can also use just contains which is for Case-sensitive containment test.

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Maybe I explained situation a bit wrong - I don't need reverse operation to icontains itself, but reverse to icontains logic, something like if "name" and "Aamir" in your example were swapped. –  Sergey Burma Mar 18 '13 at 8:13
output = MyModel.objects.filter(Q(name__contains="Mr. Peter Johnson"))
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