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I've having a weird problem where comparisons on a numeric column doesn't give the correct results. The input is the same, but if the coalesce() function is applied, suddenly no rows match.

The table is defined as:

    orderid        INT NOT NULL,
    freight        NUMERIC,
    PRIMARY KEY (orderid),

I'm testing the query with this method:

private void Problematic(IDbConnection connection)
    using (var cmd = session.Connection.CreateCommand())
        cmd.CommandText =
            @"select order0_.OrderId as OrderId55_,
                     order0_.Freight as Freight55_,
                    Orders order0_
                    coalesce(order0_.Freight, @p0) > @p1";  // ALT 1
                 // order0_.Freight > @p1";                 // ALT 2

        var p0 = cmd.CreateParameter();
        p0.ParameterName = "p0";
        p0.DbType = DbType.Decimal;
        p0.Value = 100;

        var p1 = cmd.CreateParameter();
        p1.ParameterName = "p1";
        p1.DbType = DbType.Decimal;
        p1.Value = 0;

        using (var reader = cmd.ExecuteReader())
            // ALT 1 above yields 0 result rows.
            // ALT 2 above yields 830 result rows.

The Freight column is nullable, but all actual values are non-null and greater than 0. Therefore I expect the two queries to generate the same number of matching rows.

I'm analysing the types with this query:

    typeof(coalesce(order0_.Freight, @p0)),
    coalesce(order0_.Freight, @p0) > @p1,
    order0_.Freight > @p1
    Orders order0_

The result (for all rows) is:

    typeof(@p0)                              => text
    typeof(@p1)                              => text 
    typeof(coalesce(order0_.Freight, @p0))   => real
    typeof(order0_.Freight)                  => real
    coalesce(order0_.Freight, @p0) > @p1     => 0
    order0_.Freight > @p1                    => 1

Can anyone explain why the different expressions generate different results?

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Does the same thing happen if you also use ifnull? I.e., ifnull(order0_.Freight, @p0) > @p1 –  nick_w Mar 17 '13 at 21:18

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Apparently, your database driver converts DBType.Decimal to text.

Use DBType.Double instead.

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