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I am Developing my first website using ASP.NET MVC4. Currently I have a page which shows a list of hobbies with checkboxes and an "Add" button on the bottom. When the user checks a box for a particular hobby and presses the "Add" button, that hobby should show on the main page.

I need to implement some code that will add those selected hobbies to the user account. I thought of making a partial view that implements this behavior and shows up on the main page. Although I need some guidance on how to do this.(if I'm thinking the right way)

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I can suggest a way to do this with php and mysql. If you add another column to each users account called 'hobbies', for example, you could keep a list of hobbies. To show this on the main page, you could use $result = mysqli_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username="); and the persons username. Then you can say $row = mysqli_fetch_array($result); $hobbies = $row['hobbies'];. That will save their hobbies in $hobbies which you can then echo to the page. NOTE: be aware that if you use html to make the checkboxes, the values can be edited temporarily using Chrome and Firefox. The change only occurs on the users machine, so the webpage isn't edited for other innocent users. All this means is that while you may restrict people to Football and Rugby, for example, someone using Chrome might add another value for himself saying "Hacking". That would then be displayed on the main page.

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I have a database table with all the list of hobbies and UserID as the foreign key. I guess this is the same idea that you have proposed. Thanks for the reply. –  user2172701 Apr 14 '13 at 17:44

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