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I'm trying to monitor / find the biggest performance bottlenecks for my WPF application, and all the places I've been googling are saying "install the WPFPerf.msi", but to install that, I should install the Windows SDK 7.1 first, but the installation fails on Windows 8.

And WPFPerf has been removed from the Windows 8 SDK toolkit..

So is there any WPF performance monitoring tool that works in Windows 8?

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You have the option to start a performance analysis from the Analyze menu in Visual Studio when in a WPF project. See this screenshot: Performance analysis in Visual Studio 2012

(This is from Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate, with the Windows 8 SDK installed.)

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Thanks! What a strange thing googling with words "WPF", "Performance analysis", "Windows 8" did not give anything that could have pointed my the right way. Anyway - thanks! – Jaska Mar 18 '13 at 16:35

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