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I guess, the one line question doesn't explain what I'm looking for well enough. So, here's an example of what I'm talking about: (based on the Laravel4 Routing documentation)

The way I create a route for the controller:

Route::get('user/profile', "UserController@profile" );

The way I create a name for the route so that I can later refer to it when generating URLs:

Route::get('user/profile', array('as' => 'profile', function()

// Now I can use this
$url = URL::route('profile');

Now, obviously you wouldn't want to write your controllers as functions right in the routes.php, so how do I create a name like in the 2nd example, but using the controller like the example 1?

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You can name your route to controller exactly the same way. Put controller and method name as second item in array under "uses" keyword:

Route::get('user/profile', array("as" => "profile", "uses" => "UserController@profile"));
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Seems like Laravel 3 had it in the documentation. – shershams Mar 17 '13 at 22:25

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